Bryan King Launches Neo-Earth Webcomic

Click here to visit the new Neo-Earth webcomic, updated weekly. For more samples of the Neo-Earth universe, check out one of our earlier comics.


Sweegy Manilow (Steven McCall) Resident of the Week in the Metaverse Messenger Newspaper

Click here to see the Sweegy Manilow ROTW interview.


Neo-Realms Fishing Game featured in Linden Lab's Second Opinion Newsletter

Click here to check out the article about Neo-Realms Fishing featured in the October Second Life Newsletter!


Neo-Realms Fishing Game in New York Times Article

Our Fishing Game in Second Life was mentioned in the New York Times Article "A Virtual Holiday in the Virtual Sun", click here to read all about it!


Bryan King Cover for Chris Jackson's Audiobook

Bryan King has completed the cover to Chris Jackson's audiobook Cheese Runners, narrated by Jeffrey Breslauer. Check out the cover and info here.


Fishing 4.0 is here!

It's finally here! After months of development, Fishing version 4.0 will be available on Saturday, March 17th. We will be holding a series of tournaments on Saturday at Hearts Enchanted while we upgrade new rods, so come on down Saturday and get your free 3.0 to 4.0 upgrade.


New features include:

  • Fishing system is now web based! Fish anywhere in the world!
  • Networked tournament system! Compete in tournaments from any Official Neo-Realms fishing camp!
  • Added new optional fishing sound effects.
  • Level cap increased to 25!
  • Optional menu driven casting. Cast by pressing a button instead of typing /1cast.
  • New menu system for help, casting and stats.
  • Players now have access to a "bait queue", where you can keep an extra set of bait, swappable with any of your rods!
  • Reward points are now tied to a player's account, so you now only one reward point total!
  • Two new bait types! Quest Bait allows you a much better chance of catching quest items, and Super Bait supercharges your rod and allows it to fish as the next rod class up!
  • Type of bait can effect what size catch you get.
  • Daily global best catch awards!
  • 33 new fish added for 4.0!
  • New SUPER EPIC fish class coming soon!

Neo-Realms Services and Solutions

Neo-Realms can provide you with a multitude of solutions for you and your business, including:

  • Custom SecondLife Builds and Consulting
  • Web Development and Design
  • Graphic Design, Custom Illustrations, Storyboards and Animations

For more info, click here or email Steven at


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